Menu Guide at the Coffee Shop so you don’t get confused when ordering

Menu Guide at the Coffee Shop so you don’t get confused when ordering

Ordering at a coffee shop can be the scariest moment for many people. The various menu names make us confused, which makes us end up ordering palm sugar iced coffee. Apart from that, sometimes the menu names are strange. Like, Bittersweet Symphony, which we thought was a song by The Verve, is actually just espresso.

I think it’s not uncommon to be reckless about ordering and end up regretting it because of this. To avoid this, of course you have to understand the characteristics of the menu you are ordering. For example, like the menu above, if we don’t know what espresso is, we will get bored. So that you don’t regret it, I will give you a guide to the menus that usually appear in coffee shops.

I know this list has appeared a lot, but, in order to help colleagues avoid getting hit, there’s no harm in making another list, right? Let’s start.

#1 Espresso

Espresso is made by grinding coffee beans until they are fine, then compressing them, then brewing them under high pressure and using high temperatures too. This process produces a thick coffee extract.

This is the menu that we usually order and make us regret. That’s enough, it’s bitter again. Usually this menu is the cheapest in the coffee shop, so people just try it.

#2 Americano

This Americano is espresso with added water. I usually call it a large portion of espresso, because it’s just espresso plus water. Americano is divided into two, namely hot americano and ice. This drink can also have added sugar. So for those of you who don’t really like bitter things, you can adjust.

#3 Manual brew

Manual brew is coffee that is brewed using a manual method, without using an espresso machine, but requires special filter paper. Usually there are lots of menus like this in coffee shops.

#4 Vietnamese drip

Vietnamese drip is a method of brewing coffee by turning it upside down or allowing water to drip into a coffee cup. This drink usually comes in a metal glass with a drip on top of the coffee glass. This coffee has a sweet taste because it is mixed with sweetened condensed milk. I call Vietnamese drip coffee “patience coffee” because I have to wait for the drip until the coffee class is full.

This is one of the safest menus in a coffee shop. Safe means that everyone will probably like this menu. Basically, milk coffee that you often drink at home.

#5 V60

This coffee is not made by machine. Even though the name looks very mechanical, this coffee is called V60 because the brewing tool is cone-shaped, with an inclination of 60 degrees. V60 is often ordered by people who want to feel the character of the coffee beans. You should be familiar with this menu, because lots of people order this at coffee shops and follow us for more.



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