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3,100+ Custom Photoshop Shapes

3,100+ Custom Photoshop Shapes







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Photoshop CS6’s features include filters that can add dimension and depth to images. However, Photoshop is not a digital camera program, so if you want to edit your RAW camera files, you’ll need to convert them to a different file type before editing. For more on file formats and editing RAW files, see the section “Converting to a different file type” later in this chapter.

## Learning Photoshop’s Layers

A _layer_ is a definition of your image. It’s a place where you can add different kinds of content or attributes like a new layer, filetype, background, spot color, image, or custom palette.

The layers in a Photoshop image are categorized as follows:

* **Background** : This is the most important layer. This is where you place the rest of your image. A background layer serves two purposes:

* **Fluid content:** This layer is most commonly used to create seamless pages in a Photoshop book. The background layer is completely transparent or opaque depending on the page style you choose. The background layer can have solid color, gradient, or both.
* **Repeating content:** This layer contains only content that is repeated throughout your image. For example, if you have a repeating image of Mickey Mouse, you can create a layer for that. You can also layer a repeating pattern of vertical lines for a repeating horizontal line of text, or you can layer a horizontal line of text that runs across an image.

* **Layer** : This is a unique type of layer.
* **Layer mask** : This is one of the many ways you can edit and change the image

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Learn to create amazing imagery with free Photoshop tutorials.

Pro Tips: Best photography Photoshop Tips and Tricks

According to Photofocus in 2017, Photofocus estimates that 73% of professional photographers use Photoshop for their work. 15% of those 73% use Photoshop for editing, while the remaining 13% use it for the creation of new images.

The 8 Best Free Photoshop Courses Online

1. The CSS Design Your Life Photoshop Course

This is a new course, but the user feedback is positive. It’s for those that want to learn design and have heard of Photoshop, but haven’t found one the right fit yet.

The CSS Design Your Life course provides in-depth lessons that cover the basics of Photoshop, from color adjustment and retouching to user interface design and Web design.

Some of the lessons may be rather basic, but the lessons are short and to the point. Here are some of the topics covered in the course:

The CSS Design Your Life Course Review

Ratings: 4.5 stars out of 5

Price: $75; Coupon: Use code: PSFLEEZE at checkout

2. Photoshopper Photoshop, Graphic Design and Photography Course

According to Cathy Beilby at Vocativ.com, “The idea that digital tools can be used to make traditional analog photographs radically different suggests a fundamental change in culture.” The course has 100 expert tutorials, and covers both traditional photography and creative design as well.

The course was originally started in 2011, and has been completely updated over the years.


It has over 100 expert-reviewed tutorials.


There are quite a few tutorials that give you a crash course in Photoshop.

Rates: $0.99/video; Coupon: Use code: PSFLEEZE at checkout

3. The Photoshop COEDual: A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop

This course is for absolute beginners. If you’re already an experienced Photoshop user, you may not need the course, but it’s a good one for those that want to learn.

The benefits of this course include the fact that it’s only 8 hours long. Other sites can go on for hours on end, teaching you a lot in that time, but it’s not likely you’ll

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The Real Deal (2002)
Beyond Reason (2004)
The Dude (2006)
Lucky (2009)
Lucky: The Sessions (2011)
Waking Up (2012)
All My Favorite Songs (2013)


External links
Allison Jeane’s official website

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