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When Bernie Sanders is president, will he be in charge? | Scott Pelley

A President Bernie Sanders may want to call in the FBI if he doesn’t like what a president Hillary Clinton does.

A President Sanders may not, of course, call in the FBI, but he may have powers beyond those of a president in league with the head of an outside intelligence agency.

The FBI, under Sanders, would investigate any president with a “remote interest in the matter,” as currently defined by the FBI in their unwieldy and ever-expanding guidelines.

As in: We’d investigate you, even though you never would.

The guidelines are a broad definition of’remote’ as “a person’s interest in a matter is remote when the person’s involvement in the matter is so insignificant that it is not reasonably foreseeable that the person’s activities could be directly or indirectly useful in determining the outcome of the matter.”

In law or ethics, it can be an uphill battle for the government to claim that an investigation is conducted only because of that remote interest. It seems more likely that investigators would want to go after a president or other top official, even if that person has a remote interest, in order to seek leverage to pull information in the course of an investigation.

But, of course, the legal cloud around presidential power could be stronger with a Clinton presidency than with a Sanders presidency. Under international law, powers of investigation are much broader for foreign intelligence services than are those for the FBI. If an American president happened to be in league with the head of the Russian intelligence service, for example, a presidential request to the FBI to open an investigation into that matter would be a virtual certainty.

In our political era, however, the FBI’s nearly 400-page document on internal guidelines would be unlikely to be accepted as the basis for reasonable investigation. Congress and the courts would be better off a bit of a buffer on such matters, making sure that investigations are really necessary, than having the FBI struggle to keep up with the rules on what is and is not a justified inquiry.Move Serves as Rhetoric For Sens. Blumenthal, Sanders’ Subpoena The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by the Vermont independent, is investigating the use of


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PROGRAMMING.COM SPECTRA POWERSTROKE 2000 TUNED.A Guatemalan child has died after being shot by a U.S. border guard in the mid-1990s, an FBI agent said Friday.

The boy’s parents told an FBI agent they had reported the shooting to the Guatemalan consulate when it occurred in 1997.

The boy’s mother was upset the Guatemalan government took no action in response to the shooting, said the agent, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is open.

When the boy was found slumped over in his bed, he was unresponsive and had serious wounds to the chest and back, said the agent. A neighbor, who had found the boy bleeding, called the parents to tell them the child had been shot, the agent said.

The parents said he’d been asleep when the shootings happened, the agent said. The boy died two weeks later at a hospital in Guatemala City, the agent said.

The agent said the U.S. Border Patrol shootings were reported to the agency immediately, but the Guatemalan government did not press charges because of the circumstances.

The child’s death is under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s office. The inspector general does not accept tips about Border Patrol agents’ shootings, spokeswoman Kelly Langs said.Posts Tagged ‘Black Americans’

Has the United States as a country reached the post-racial? If you’re a black American, the answer to that question is no. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. The first time an American black was a sitting president of the United States was Gerald Ford in 1976. The first time […]

Thousands of black

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