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ClipBoard Speaker Crack Free

ClipBoard Speaker Crack Free

Text-to-speech is a technology that’s useful to many people that may have vision impairment or other disabilities. Thankfully, the technology gets better and more accessible every day, and you can easily notice this from the multitude of programs with text-to-speech features that become available.
Today, we’re going to look at (but also listen to) a program that has the ability to read any text that you copy to your clipboard. It’s suggestively titled ClipBoard Speaker.
A pretty basic application
When you run the program, it will start reading every text that you copy to your clipboard. While this is surely a very useful feature to people with vision impairment, it can also be a bit annoying. Even though playback options aren’t lacking, you can only mute ClipBoard Speaker by turning the volume all the way down. A mute button would have been a most welcome addition.
You can however adjust the reading speed and also choose between two standard Microsoft voices, David and Zira. All of your copied texts are saved by the program as separate entries, so you could say that it also works as clipboard history keeper.
Exporting audio files
Each piece of clipboard text can be saved as an audio file (either WAV or MP3) which is probably quite a helpful feature if you want to use them in a creative manner. In the full version of the program you can also use export them as playlists.
You also have the option of changing some display features, such as the way the panels are split in the program’s interface, the text font and the font size. More importantly, you can copy any of text form the interface with added SSML markup tags.
While it doesn’t have the best looking or most intuitive interface, ClipBoard Speaker has enough features to make it a useful program.







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ClipBoard Speaker Crack Free Download

ClipBoard Speaker Crack is a program with the ability to read any text that you copy from anywhere within your computer. An interface that is not too intuitive, but contains enough options to make it worth the time you spend on it.…Q:

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ClipBoard Speaker Crack +

Tiny Text-to-Speech Clipboard Voice Speaker helps provide the most important reason why you should use clipboards: Clipboard clips and also saved information. Tiny Text-to-Speech Clipboard will help read to you any information that you’ve copied from your clipboard. Using the most recommended text-to-speech engine, Tiny Text-to-Speech Clipboard will have all the advantages of the flash clipboards but also making text-to-speech accessible.

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Clipboard List

What can we say about this new Win8 app? It’s pretty much the same old text-to-speech app now with cute characters. Nothing special, just a nice app. It’s free and available in English, so not much to complain about, expect the selection of voices to be a bit limited, as opposed to other apps such as from Savi, MS, or Fantasoft. And for that matter, if you have the paid version (3.99) of SAVI, you already have everything included in one app.

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Sébastien was kind enough to answer some questions about this very interesting app and how he came up with the idea. Read on below for a bit of an interview.

ClipBoard Speaker Download [Win/Mac]

Clipboard Speaker is a free Text-to-speech and simple TTS interface with an easy to use interface.

It supports many features such as copy text from the interface, Clipboard history and save as playlists.

ClipBoard Speaker Format:



Download Size:


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What’s New in the ClipBoard Speaker?

Saves your clipboard

Can read any text of copy

Change the font, size and text color

Speak any text of copy

Save as audio file

Access to clipboard history

Export all clips as a playlist

Alternative for Windows Media Player
It’s a fact that Text-to-Speech programs are not made for everyone, and often, they lack that extra functionality that so many users in this world could use to get more out of their Windows OS. However, ClipBoard Speaker is quite a useful program, so if you like to copy some text and listen to it, then you may find it a good alternative to Windows Media Player or other programs with TTS capabilities.
There are some free programs with text-to-speech capabilities, but the ones I’ve mentioned are two among the better ones.
For the more professional users with their own needs, there are plenty of text-to-speech programs for sale, but none of them could be called free.

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System Requirements For ClipBoard Speaker:

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Intel or AMD processor with at least 4 GB of RAM
Graphics card with Direct3D 11 support
Additional Notes:
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