CCI Explorer Crack Download [Mac/Win]

CCI Explorer Crack Download [Mac/Win]

With the help of CCI Explorer you can seamlessly open assembly files to analyze code. This is a clear-cut software application that offers support for DLL and EXE file types.
Portability benefits
Since installation is not necessary, you can drop the program files in a custom directory on the hard drive and just click the .EXE item to launch CCI Explorer.
There's also the option to keep it stored on a USB flash drive to be able to directly run it on any computer with minimum effort and no previous installers. More importantly, it doesn't modify Windows registry settings.
Plain and simple interface
Represented by just one window with a minimalistic appearance, the utility lets you get started by opening an assembly file with the DLL and EXE extension.
It features a built-in project explorer and offers support for syntax highlights when it comes to C# debugging. Although it doesn't implement buttons for copying data to the Clipboard, exporting it to file, or printing it, you can make a text selection and copy it using the global keyboard shortcut or by opening the right-click menu.
Evaluation and conclusion
As expected, the app's impact on the overall performance of the machine was barely noticeable, since it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly. It didn't hang, crash or prompt error dialogs.
On the other hand, it comes loaded with only basic options and doesn't contain more advanced parameters for experienced users. Nevertheless, you can test CCI Explorer for yourself, since it's free.







CCI Explorer Crack Free

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CCI Explorer With Registration Code Free

CCI Explorer Cracked Version is a simple, no-nonsense analysis tool that offers support for DLL and EXE file types. Install the program in your custom directory and run.EXE files from your flash drive or on any computer’s hard drive.
License: Free Trial | Buy Now (Windows)

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– Watch the full video before downloading Link:

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– License and copy right :
You can use the project in your favor and give me the credit if you like this tutorial.
Note: I make use of Logitech mouse.

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CCI Explorer Free License Key

CCI Explorer is an assembly file open/edit/import/export tool. It allows you to open and analyze an assembly file, edit one if desired and export it to a project file.
Quick navigation within an assembly file even with different file types are also included. The application is user-friendly and clean. You are able to navigate through code and even copy an image from an assembly as well.
Quickly export code files with Edit Code Tool does not require an installation.
Standard edition; open, edit, analyze and export.dll,.exe,.class and.xml files.
CCI Explorer supports most popular versions of Microsoft Visual Studio starting from the express version up to the 2013 variant.
Support for opening and analyzing XML documents, DDL scripts, XML documents and even more file types.
CCI Explorer supports Code project with capability to import, export and convert between other version of Code project and Visual studio.
Export the open project to a code project, and you can use the PC Tools 2013 software to modify the project.
Export to Portable Device from your system, so that you can work anywhere without an installation.

Download CCI Explorer latest version

CCI Explorer got a rating of 4.1/5 from 206,518 downloaded, 908 reviews.

You can leave your review for CCI Explorer in the comments section below.

Reader comments

CCI Explorer (Microsoft Code Connect Info Explorer) for Windows

I never ever use any of the other Visual studio plugins! If you still think you have too much of a setup, why don’t you try this tool to open and analyze an assembly file? This tool is very fast, you will be amazed!

I have found this simple but useful software. I have a need to open up windows DLLs when debugging issues that can not be easily resolved with older tools.
This tool has been a true time saver for me and I have high hopes that it will be an even more useful application for my future development needs.

This app is working in my primary setup, now I have a USB flash drive with it, it’s a wonderful tool

nice software, thanks for all this share, i’m really enjoying this dev company that offers free of charge a software that is great.

CCI Explorer is very good. I’m using it for years now. It is the best software for

What’s New in the CCI Explorer?

CCI Explorer allows you to open.DLL,.EXE, and.SYS files. It is helpful for malware analysis, code analysis, and forensics. It is written for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
CCI Explorer Features:
* Works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
* Launches.DLL,.EXE, and.SYS files.
* Opens advanced file formats for.DLL,.EXE, and.SYS files.
* Supports DOS and Windows PE file formats.
* Reads and writes PE and WIM files.
* Enables viewing of ASM, ILNumerics, Delphi, and TC2.
* Allows copying of strings and objects to the clipboard.
* Gives support for dynamic code analysis and code injection.
* Permits simple string manipulation.
* Includes an integrated project manager to view.DLL and.EXE files.
* Includes a basic debugger for.NET and Java.
* Includes direct visualization of the ASM/ILNumerics file format.
* Features syntax highlighting to identify code.
* Permits embedded resource management and deployment.
* Features tab and tab highlighting to identify objects and strings.
* Allows selection and copying of strings and objects in the project viewer.
* Includes search and replace functionality and syntax errors.
* Includes code highlighting (TAB, ESCAPE, COMMENT, INDENT, NEWLINE, ARROW, UP, DOWN, WORD, STRING, MATH, OTHER) and an Error List.
* Includes a global keyboard shortcut for paste.
* Includes an object browser for.NET and Java.
* Includes the ability to right click on objects and check properties.
* Includes the ability to delete objects by pressing the DEL button.
* Includes the ability to import and export projects.
* Includes a project manager.
* Includes easy project management of collections.
* Includes customizable settings by editing the config.ini file.
* Built in Notepad with syntax highlighting.
* 100% free and portable.
* Includes text files for usage and instructions.

This is the CCI Exploreur version, and is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.
Notice: Advanced features:
Dynamic Code Injection, VBScript,

System Requirements:

Keyboard, Mouse and Controller:
Keyboard and mouse required. Controller optional.
Acceptable resolution 800×600 and above.
Acceptable connection speed: DSL, Cable, Cable Modem, Home Network, T1, T3, etc. The connection speed you have is up to you. This game is an online multiplayer game so your connection speed is very important. (T1, T3 only)
At least 256MB RAM.

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