Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Nulled SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]+ With License Code Free Download For Windows

Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Nulled SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]+ With License Code Free Download For Windows




It is a Fantasy Action RPG where you can battle with friends in real time and interact with them.

You can proceed with the story by talking to other players in the game.

1. Concept

1-1 Concept

1-1-1 Concept

1-1-2 Concept

1-1-3 Concept

In a fantasy world, the land is divided into kingdoms and a knight whose honor is more powerful than valor fights the opposing King. The boundaries of the land have been established and forgotten, but a new king has risen who places his enemies under his feet like children. You are a once honorable knight whose honor is tarnished by misfortune. You have returned from the lands across the border where your daughters were being held captive as pawns in a cruel game of politics. You have a grudge against the new King who has stolen your honor and will enter the ring to take his life.

As the last of a long line of knights that had once pledged to defend the honor of the land, you have a strong desire to claim your honor back by ending the life of the newly appointed King, and you must take up the sword, and rise once again to live up to your name. You need to save your daughters from the new King, and make your way to the castle in order to carry out your mission.

You play the role of a knight who is awakened in a dungeon, and he set off to find the legendary sword that he took with him from another world in order to fight against a new King. Your sword can be used for attack and magic. It also changes appearance as you gain experience.

The starting character is based on the Elden knights from the original story, and can use the sword that they made in the original game. As you gain experience in battles, you obtain a variety of swords based on different eras, and you are free to use your sword to attack and magic. The background story of the original game can be played as usual as well.

The ultimate goal is to become an Elden Lord, and the game will increase the difficulty and challenge as you win the battles. As you play, you can gather your knights and hire them to fight on your side, or fight as a group and take the city together.

Early tests:

In addition to being able to battle in real time, you can also join online with other players.

Key Features:

– Slice


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Unique Fantasy Action RPG
    Action RPG is world-renowned, but in this game, you can battle with exceptional freedom to create your own fantasy adventure. You can take a role as a champion or evil lord that calls on the magic of the Elden Ring to freely change your adventure’s destiny.
    Take on the role of a Legendary Fighter, an Elden Lord, or a Legendary Thief

  • A Lifelike World of Adventure
    An open world that offers a vast and thrilling landscape to explore. Through a variety of gameplay modes, such as boss attacks, random encounters, and exploration, you can freely proceed through a challenging story.

  • A Massive Plot That Will Survive You
    A multilayered story whose main plot is divided into six arcs. Each arc of the main story and side quest are tied to noble quests to achieve a beautiful romance. You will meet your beloved that will always be with you, waiting for you even after the adventure ends.

  • An Enhanced Real-Time Battle System
    In the game, you are equipped with a powerful weapon as if you were in a real-time battle system. With a limited counterattack, prepare yourself to unleash the terrific power of the Elden Ring and become the leader of the world.
  • THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG with has not missed the cold winter that is fast approaching!
    Are you excited to be able to experience a new fantasy game?
    Show your utmost support to improve the game by helping us out in bug reports, translation, giving us your feedback. Thank you!
    Working Your Support is always appreciated.


    Game Feature

    -New Feature: Local Multiplayer!-
    There will be two things that a player can do while their game is connected to another player’s.
    1. You can connect into other players to create a party.
    2. You can work together with other players through the Local Multiplayer function.



    New Feature

    At present, you can check other individuals


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    Let’s Beat the Monsters!
    Set: When you start the game, you need to think about what to do. You are a warrior wandering around a vast land, and your mission is to slay monsters and beasts. The game is divided into different stages. You must fight monsters to get experience, acquire items, and level up. You can also easily progress to the next level.


    You can play together with your friends in a safe environment.
    Online games require permanent registration. Please choose your online course carefully.

    You can also save your progress in the cloud.

    You can save your progress even on a device offline.

    You can easily complete the game using a smartphone or tablet.


    Your ability is the greatest asset in your battle to defeat monsters. You can advance in your abilities by leveling up. When you gain experience, you can make various changes in equipment. The amount of experience required to advance increases as you level up. You can create a combination of weapons, armor, and magic to progress.


    When you clear the game, you will be able to level up and advance in your abilities. All of the monsters that you have fought during the play and all of the items that you have acquired will increase your level. The higher level of your character is, the stronger and more advanced will your equipment be. You can level up after clearing a certain number of stages. The game presents a stage that you can experience after selecting it at the end of each battle.


    You cannot see the history of this world, but you are able to experience it. Once, it was a world with a different destiny, but evil gradually took over and changed the destiny. Our ancestors left the world and stepped on the other side of the White Gate and prepared for a new beginning. You are preparing your weapons and armor and standing on the other side of the White Gate. It is the land where the war will begin. Here, you can join the fight against the monsters. The fate of the world will be decided here.


    Various monsters from around the world have been gathered here. You can fight them while taking care of monsters in the game. In order to reduce the level of monsters, you can easily increase


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    MPV Game’s VAST WORLD. This is not your everyday fantasy action RPG.
    Experience the epic story, vast world, and high quality dynamic combat of the VAST WORLD of MPV Game’s, with all new ELDEN RING Knight.

    • Explore the vast world of MPV Game’s VAST WORLD.
    You’ve just arrived in a new world, and have begun your journey.
    As a brave Knight, you will wander around towns and through rough mountain passes in search of quest.
    You’ve just been offered a bounty of 20,000 golds to eliminate a group of bandits.
    Set out to seek out a burning distress signal and solve that problem.
    You’ve been charged with cutting through the defense lines of a fortress.
    As you traverse the huge enemy base to attack its gates, you’ll learn the secrets of weapons and armor.
    If that wasn’t enough, you found a dragon egg!
    Collect dragon eggs and hatch them to raise a new monster for your party!

    Choose your party carefully, as it is your strongest ally!
    Set up your party with members that complement each other and gain their strengths.
    Strong swordsmen, magic users, and monstrous creatures each have their purpose.
    Use your party to its fullest and do all the special actions you want.
    Trek through the endless barren lands on horse-drawn carriages with the voices of special guests in your ears.
    Tame monsters with awesome lore, as they accompany your party on their journey.
    Every action, every movement, and every sound affects the story, creating a serene and distinct world.

    Select your favorite RON


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    *Legal notice:
    Elden Ring crack / Game / ELDEN RING
    NTS Code : 2000B-748
    Product : Elden Ring
    Name : Elden Ring Classic
    Version : 1.4
    Developer : Atlas Games
    Size : 187MB
    On my PC I have:
    DirectX : 9.0c (latest from Microsoft)
    OS : Windows 8.1 (latest from Microsoft)
    Elden Ring can be enjoyed by anyone from any country.
    You may like if you like action game.
    You may dislike if you don’t like action game.
    Elden Ring features a large world where players can freely explore various situations, vast dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs, and a vast world with beautiful and varied landscapes.
    Make the most of the largest world map that can be seen in the mainstream RPG titles, such as Skyrim.
    Elden Ring also contains a large amount of content with an extensive story, as well as countless hours of gameplay, featuring a multilayered story that is composed of several fragments.
    Elden Ring’s story takes place in a world where different races are living together in balance, and the protagonist, a Tarnished, with the power of the Elden Ring and born from the same lineage as the Elden Lord, is thrust into this world.
    The story of the protagonist of Elden Ring is composed of several fragments, taking place in different parts of the world, and it is told through the eyes of NPCs and through fragmented stories told by characters in the world.
    In Elden Ring, you will discover a number of unique and interesting characters and encounter many different situations.
    Elden Ring is a game that conveys emotions that make players feel as they are drawn into the story.
    How to play (story mode):
    -The story is told through the eyes of the protagonist through the narration of NPCs and by fragmented stories told by characters in the world.
    -A finite number of saving point are present so players can try to play the game without losing their progress.
    How to play (Character Mode):
    -Develop a character on your own.
    -Customize and develop your character.
    -Furthermore, a third-person mode with the camera located in front of the


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or newer
    Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 750 (2GB) or AMD equivalent
    Disk Space: 100 MB free space
    Sound Card: Windows compatible
    High-resolution display: 1680×1050 resolution
    Input Device: Keyboard and mouse
    Screenshots of Windows
    VLC (Media Player):
    To run the following command:



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