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.Prior to his promotion to general manager of the Mets, Omar Minaya was the scouting director of the Yankees. Thus, he was in a position to see firsthand the problems New York endured when Robinson Cano was traded.

From the April 29, 2009 edition of the New York Daily News:

“I saw the film,” Minaya said. “I saw the film that Don Mattingly [Dodgers general manager] had about Cano. I saw it that there was no chance of Cano being traded, he was a good baseball player.”

Minaya cautioned not to confuse this team’s signing of Cano with a commitment to let him play.

“If I’m the [New York] Mets, I’m going to be pretty serious about signing him,” Minaya said. “If you sign a free agent [to any contract], you want to see him hit in spring training. You want to see what you have.”

Or as one of the Mets’ writers wrote in a subsequent draft report:

What the Mets desperately need is some production out of their club, and Cano would be one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. And you know it’s likely the Mets will go after Cano rather than letting him go for nothing, due to the disparity of the contract and the rumored injuries he suffered while with the Yankees.

The fact that the Mets may be willing to part with Johan Santana is also big.

Why does it like that?
I tried to use the de-hash tool in windows, it didn’t work, and now I have no idea what I should do.


This is not malware, just a string of mixed carachters.
This is called a free text string, or body content. It is often used for adverts. This string is unique per page and user, so make sure you always compare the entire string when checking for validity. If any of the carachters match a special character, it will not be shown to the user. For instance, the final character in your text is a space character which indicates to search for the ad’s body content. Therefore, it is as if the word ‘gta’ was added to the end of your webpage or page. The rest is obvious.
If you wish to see the final string I assume you have some code to check, then you should look for special characters on the page/webpage.

[Psychosocial profiles of the various types of dementia].
Based on the results of cross-sectional studies on psychosocial variables in two independent groups of patients suffering from dementia of the Alzheimer’s type (DAT) and from vascular dementia (VD), the following results were obtained: There are significant differences between the two groups in several variables relating to personality and social functioning, such as increased emotional reactivity, hostility, aggression, reduced social abilities, increased isolation, and reduced self-esteem, in the VD group. Additionally, the DAT group was more severely impaired regarding emotional reactions and memory performance. However, no significant differences were found between the two groups regarding vocational and marital status, family situation and quality of the relationship with friends, sex, age, and literacy. Thus, the results indicate that the DAT group showed more impaired personality and social variables than the VD group.- [Instructor] Today
we’re going to take a look
at the differences between
the vortex and toroidal models
of flux compression
and induction heating.
So first, let’s
just walk through
the process of how
one ends up with a torus.
So as it heats up, when
it hits the superconductor,
the magnetic field
to coils here, the H field,
the magnetic field
becomes more intense,
and that pushes the flux
back through the normal conductor.
And because of its stronger magnetic field

My error is I cannot get the new zip file to download and extract. I cannot run the command. I tried downloading the pwupdate file from torrents, but no luck. I am thinking the error lies with my command in the terminal or the zap file.


The filenames in the archive you downloaded are all *.pwupdate. Something that puzzled me for a while was that in some other tutorials of yours, the filenames of the archive are not as they are expected in your command, but are so in the archive itself.
The “official” archive name of course is the same name as the file extension.
(sidenote: but I wonder why you used a.zip instead of a.tar.gz for instance…)

In the archive, you have two files:

The first is the file you should extract from the archive. The second is the SHA1 code of the pwupdate file. Both files reside under the same directory. Which means, if you are a good ls command user, you can use e.g. ls *.pwupdate to see both of them.
So the following command tells you where to extract your archive:
cd ~/Downloads/videos/GTA_IV_Drunk_Camera_Fix/
tar -xzvf *.pwupdate.sha1

You mentioned that the archive is bigger than 300MB. That is kind of an odd thing. While I’m not familiar with the size, I would assume that the default size of a pwupdate should not be bigger than 1MB.
I just looked inside the GTA_IV_Drunk_Camera_Fix_pwupdate.zip, the archive you downloaded. It is indeed a little over 300 MB big, but shouldn’t be.

I’m sure it’s because you’re using a very old version of GNU tar. If you look at the tail of the output of ls *.pwupdate.sha1 you will see that the archive you downloaded still contains only one file:
-rw-rw-r– 1 me me 292M jun 18 23:10.gz


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//Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
//you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
//You may obtain a copy of the License at
//Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
//distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
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// Changes may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if the code is regenerated.

import (

// DescribeLiveLanLiveStream invokes the live.DescribeLiveLanLiveStream API synchronously
// api document:

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