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How is it possible to change the record type to numeric, via the sql query below?
Could any one suggest on this, I have already done some lookup.
Thanks in advance.


Is that all the code you have?
You will need to update that statement
set c_type_of_fee = case when c_type_of_fee = ‘human_group’ then c_key_title.human_group.numeric
when c_type_of_fee =’scientist_group’ then c_key_title.scientist_group.numeric
else c_type_of_fee

This is the correct function call:
set c_type_of_fee =
case when c_type_of_fee = ‘human_group’ then c_key_title.human_group.numeric
when c_type_of_fee =’scientist_group’ then c_key_title.scientist_group.numeric
else c_type_of_fee

Refer to set documentation to understand more.

What Have We Learned?

So, what have we learned?

As a team, the question really is not as much “what have we learned?” as “what haven’t we learned?” Have we stopped looking for every different solution to our problems? Have we come to accept that there may be no better solution than the one that is already being executed at the moment? Have we accepted that it may not be best to try to create a perfect solution from the beginning? Have we accepted that just because we can’t figure something out, doesn’t mean that the solution we’re implementing now is the wrong solution?

A lot has happened, and a lot hasn’t.

We will leave the final evaluation of our entire experience to the future, but for now, we’d like to sum up what we’ve learned, and what we’ve not learned yet.

Our Learning Cycle

What is the end point of our learning cycle?

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The final two developments in library history came from a wholly different field—that of the development of photography, in the early 19th century. Photography raised the possibilities of portraiture and other forms of visual documentation. At this time, photography was introduced to the streets of London, heralding the era of public photography. The establishment of the first public lending library was accompanied by the establishment of the first public photographic studio in 1837.

Public libraries are present throughout the world, in every major city and town. They


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The solution is to upgrade the CIUI:
If the files are accessible on the OS, that’s OK.
Here is the solution (windows 8.1):

In the Add-Ins tab, select COM-based Add-Ins.

Then, select the add-in provider, choose the add-in, and select OK.

If you still see the error, try the following:

Update the NuGet installer to the newest version.
Go to the root of the directories that contain the assemblies, and delete all.pdb files.

The CIUI still fails on my laptop, because I’m using a version of Office I do not install, so I can’t delete the pdb files for that version.


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