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Anopheles vagus is the major vector of the  . Anopheles azadirachta is also a primary vector of malaria. Both species vector the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

This functional, positive attitude is a challenge in development. However, the N-person front should be the most common and important activity. From this perspective, the audience for development in N-person front may be broader than in other N-person fronts. This reasoning is illustrated in Fig.

The focus of development is the need of the poorest, the need that is less susceptible to second thoughts and more likely to be satisfied by any time. Figure 2.2 shows the larger circles as shaded but serving as a backdrop for the N-person front circles. Since the N-person front is the most common and important activity, it is used to present the basic rationale for development.

As stated above, development is targeted and selective. The principal audience for development is poor people living in the most populous part of the world and located in developing countries. People in developing countries live in very small communities. The small communities are generally based on low income. The part of the world where most of developing countries are located is known as the poorest region of the world.

The obstacles to development are presented in the N-person front with an implication that development is the responsibility of developed countries. This can be rationalized as follows. N-person front addresses critical areas of national problems.

Among the most urgent problems are the growth of population and the breakdown of social structures. Almost all of the population growth is in developing countries and most of the social breakdown is in these countries. Some of the problems in developing countries are different in quantity and quality from problems of developed countries.

Population growth is one of the most urgent problems in developing countries. The rapidly growing population is the major cause of poverty and the main reason for the instability and decline of social structures.

However, because the population growth is concentrated in the poorest people, the total number of poor people is small in proportion to the total population, and the proportion of the poor to the total population is small in comparison with the proportion of the rich to the total population. The proportion of the poor to the total population is a function of the gross national product (GNP).

As a policy recommendation, the GNP of developed countries is to be increased. A large GNP means a large population of rich

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An alternative is to have a display PC as a graphics console where the client/student can interact with data, keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc. In a desktop based system, text and keyboard input will be a less convenient means of  .

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Parsing date in javascript from Spring DateTime format

I want to convert Spring datetime format to YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss
tried below code.
var dateTime = “2019-08-08 20:00:00.0″;
var time = dateTime.split(” “);
var date = new Date(time[1], time[2], time[3]);
console.log(“date = “+date);

Expected output
Date from String = (2019, 8, 8, 20, 0, 0)

but getting output as
date = Mon Aug 08 2019 02:00:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)


As it looks like you’re using Spring MVC, you might want to consider converting your string

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