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NoMoreDupes For Outlook 4.0.2

NoMoreDupes For Outlook 4.0.2

While Microsoft's Outlook is an intuitive and flexible email client, its storing capacity also makes it unavoidable to end up with duplicate contacts and content.
NoMoreDupes for Outlook is a lightweight utility that enables you to search for matching items all across your email client.
Intuitive and modern interface
Since it is an add-in, it integrates into Outlook's toolbar seamlessly and you can access it from there whenever you want to clean or organize your email. It goes without saying that it borrows Outlook's sleek look and displays familiar icons when scanning for duplicates.
As far as the functionality is concerned, the utility allows you to specify the criteria it should use when searching for identical content. More precisely, you can search for matching items based on the due or start date, company or contact name, message subject and conversation index, just to name a few.
Includes a safety net feature
While it is important to have your email clean and well-organized, sometimes you can get overzealous and delete contacts, notes and content unintentionally.
The utility enables you to move duplicate items to a specific folder or the Deleted Items directory to avoid the unpleasantness resulting from accidentally deleting these items. Therefore, you can browse through them again to compare and decide if you want to get rid of them permanently.
In addition, if you are not sure whether or not similar email addresses belong to the same contact for instance, then you can merge them into one contact.
It could benefit from an automatic set up
Even though the add-in enables you to scan all Outlook folders to find and compare identical items, you can select the ones you want to delete manually.
This can be very time-consuming even for the average user and the add-in could really use an automatic function that enables you to set up what you want to find and get rid of.
A simple utility to get rid of Outlook duplicates
If you are using this email client as a personal email address, NoMoreDupes for Outlook can be an add-in to consider.







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Learn how to get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook and organize your emails for easy recall.
NoMoreDupes Outlook Duplicates takes the headache away from analyzing and removing duplicate emails and saves time. NoMoreDupes for Outlook Product Key enables you to search for matching items across Outlook and easily delete unwanted copies of emails, contacts, notes and attachments.
You can use this Outlook utility to find duplicate items that are duplicated across multiple folders as well as duplicate items that are duplicated within a single folder.
Just a single click to eliminate a duplicate email file
NoMoreDupes for Outlook is a simple to use Outlook tool that can effectively analyze the duplicates in your email system to delete and clean up unwanted duplicate copies of contacts, emails, messages, notes, attachments, tasks, contacts, appointments and more. NoMoreDupes Outlook Duplicates tool will clean up duplicate items without overwriting your original data. Its easy to use and you can quickly identify and select which folders and items you want to clean up.
The tool can help you to find duplicate items by simply clicking on any folder within Outlook (Navigation pane), adding a folder or selecting an item. All scanned items will be listed. Then, you can review the duplicates and select a set to delete.
The utility lets you search for duplicates by a variety of criteria like contact name, message subject, attachment, address, external mail address and message date and time. It can be a powerful tool in cleaning up a cluttered inbox.
NoMoreDupes Outlook Duplicates can be used as a standalone tool to locate and delete duplicate items. Because it is designed as an add-in, you can utilize it to clean up and organize Outlook emails on your computer.
With the handy search filtering, you can find duplicates based on message date, time, sender, receiver, messages and external mail address, as well as the phone number. Just search the duplicates you wish to delete, and you can then delete those you do not wish to keep.
What’s New in Outlook Duplicates?
1. Support outlook 2007.
2. Fast scanning process.
3. Improved and efficient match.

NoMoreDupes for Outlook is a quick and easy Outlook duplicate cleaner that lets you search and identify duplicate contacts, emails, notes, contacts, appointments, tasks and more across your entire email system.
NoMoreDupes for Outlook is 100% safe and clean Outlook tool that lets you effortlessly

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Powerful, versatile, fast.
NoMoreDupes for Outlook is the right solution if you want to work with your Outlook email without switching to your Windows clipboard.
The Multi Clipboard is a feature of Windows that allows you to copy any object from one application and then paste it into any other. The clipboard remains the same so you can keep your working data together. But sometimes you want to copy the same objects from one application and then paste them into another. That’s why you should use an application which is able to find all the identical objects in all your files and folders. But our most popular and free applications support only one application. That’s why NoMoreDupes for Outlook enables you to fix this problem. NoMoreDupes for Outlook allows you to find many different email and file duplicates in your files and folders. You can search: your Outlook contacts, messages, calendar events, notes, tasks, journals, notes and also files. NoMoreDupes for Outlook is a simple and useful application which means you can find many duplicates very easily. The interface of NoMoreDupes for Outlook is simple, friendly and clean. It uses a good search principle. It allows you to select the files and folders in which you want to search for duplicates. It is a light application which is simple to use and understand. NoMoreDupes for Outlook needs around 1 MB of space on your computer. It’s a very small application, therefore it does not need any size of download.
NoMoreDupes for Outlook can be a beneficial application for you.
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NoMoreDupes For Outlook 4.0.2 Product Key

– NoMoreDupes for Outlook supports many advanced searching techniques such as searching by subject, message/to/cc, conversations, etc. to make your search effortless.
– Easily find and clean duplicate contacts, notes, attachments, calendar items, etc. in an email client.
– Automatically move duplicates to a specified folder.
– Can merge multiple contacts into one.
– Send duplicates as an email, move to the Deleted Items folder, etc.
– Can search duplicates in a Gmail account.
– Easily scan email or the entire hard drive.
It is the best software to find duplicate contacts in Outlook.
More features:
– Find similar items (contacts, notes, calendar items, etc.) in different folders.
– Reliable utility with the ability to match and filter contacts.
– Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
– Supports mailboxes in the local folder, the Deleted Items folder and all your email accounts.
– Comes with a full 30-day trial version so you can test the utility before purchasing it.
What’s new in this release:
– Fixed issue when the utility cannot open a POP3 or IMAP4 server that might be unavailable.
– Fixed issue when the utility cannot open a POP3 or IMAP4 server that is running in a hidden folder.
– Fix issue with the “This operation has been successfully” message and “Automation successful” notification.
– Fixed issue where “The folder name cannot be changed” error message might appear.
– Added more information about the selected items in “Automation successful” notification.
– Fixed issues with file extensions that might be inaccessible from the file system.
– Fixed issue when NoMoreDupes for Outlook might crash while deleting duplicate items.
– Fixed issue when the user gets an error while installing the utility.
– Improved performance when scanning an entire drive.
– Improved functionality when deleting specific items.
What’s new since version
– Added ability to search for duplicate items in a Gmail account.
– Fixed issue when the NoMoreDupes for Outlook app might crash.
What’s new since version
– Added an ability to search for duplicate items in email messages, notes and attachments as well.
– Added ability to merge multiple contacts

What’s New In?

NoMoreDupes for Outlook is a simple application for Windows, which enables you to scan your Outlook email client for content that has been accidentally deleted. It is a small application with a clean and intuitive user interface.
It is a useful application for Windows!
Please note that the screenshots and videos may not reflect the final version, as the application is still in beta. We are currently testing and improving the application.
Key Features:
1. Scan and look through all email folders in Outlook for similar content and check if they are duplicates.
2. Check out the unique list of matching files and you can even specify different criteria.
3. User-friendly and modern interface.
4. Detect duplicates that are stored in the Deleted Items folder to help you get back deleted content.
5. Merge matching email addresses into one contact.
6. Supports all major languages.
7. Comes with a one-week free trial.
1. Download and install the application.
2. The source code is packaged with the installer, so you do not need to download it again.
3. Run the application after the installation is done.
4. It will activate itself automatically so you do not have to do anything.
5. Click the Yes button to complete the installation.
How to use:
1. Click Start | All Programs | NoMoreDupes | NoMoreDupes for Outlook.
2. To scan a specific folder, just type in the filter that you want to use in the box at the bottom of the screen.
3. Click the filter to start the scan.
4. Keep clicking on the items to check their contents.
5. Use the small right button to save and report the duplicates.
6. Use the small right button to toggle the display of the following sections:
– The Last Scan Date/Time and the Total Number of Items Currently Scaned.
– The Filters Section in case you want to use a different one.
– The Total Number of Items in the Selected Folder.
7. To save and report results of a specific filter, just click its button at the top left corner.
8. Use the small right button to choose the files you want to move to a specific folder, or the Deleted Items folder.
9. Use the small right button to exclude a certain file from the scan.


System Requirements For NoMoreDupes For Outlook:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i5, i7, i3, Pentium, Pentium D, Celeron, Core 2 Duo
Intel Core i5, i7, i3, Pentium, Pentium D, Celeron, Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or equivalent HDD: 30 GB available space
30 GB available space DirectX: Version 11


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